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August 28 ~ This Week

This Week at the Market

Start the school year right with healthy, tasty lunches. The market offers a great selection of fresh fruits and vegetables that can be cut into bite size pieces – perfect for kids to eat easily and head out to recess. Include fresh cheese or cheese curds from Farmer John’s. For sandwiches, pick up fresh bread at Stella’s Bakery or Stalzy’s Deli.

Smoothies are another way to have kids enjoy those fruits and veggies and make a great day starter or after school pick-me-up. Fruits and veggies can be pureed ahead of time and added when ready to make smoothies. Instead of ice, use frozen fruit, juice or applesauce.

Singer, songwriter, producer, and composer Guy Weatherspoon is a true turtleneck-wearing gentleman who will be at the market for your entertainment.

Mayor Bob Miller will be back at his picnic table office from 10:00 am to noon. Stop by to share ideas, concerns or discuss issues.  Starting at 11:00, Mayor Bob will broadcast live on Monona’s local radio station, WVMO at 98.7 FM.

marketmanager • August 22, 2016

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