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August 14 ~ This Week

This Week at the Market

The summer harvest is plentiful!  Select from a wide assortment of fresh vegetables and fruits.  You’ll find root vegetables, tomatoes, beans, Brussels sprouts, eggplant, sweet corn, apples, melons, and more!

5 Tips to Pick Melons!

  1. Inspect for defects – Choose a melon that’s free of bruises, soft spots, cracks and moldy patches.
  2. Check the skin color – Look for a dull appearance. A shiny outside is an indicator of an under-ripe melon.  With cantaloupe and muskmelons the rind underneath the net-like texture should be golden or orange, not green or white.
  3. Size matters – Choose a melon that’s heavy for its size.
  4. Try the tap test – Tap the melon with the palm of your hand.  Listen for a hollow sound. Also, it should be slightly soft when you push on the round section where the vine was attached.
  5. Smell for freshness – Check for a fresh, fragrant smell with a hint of sweetness near the section where the vine was attached.

johnThis week’s entertainer is John Duggleby, a writer, musician and part-time chicken dancer.  He performs audience-friendly music from the past 150 year.  His performances are guitar-centric with mandolin and some drums thrown in.

The 2016 Corn Boil was a big success!  Thanks to the volunteers who worked at the event. Special thanks go to MariAnne and Dick Lichtfeld for condiments and supplies, cooking and serving the corn, and picking the corn up in Columbus. Charter market vendor, Jim Nehmer, generously donated all the corn. The Monona Ladies Improvement Society and Lichtfeld Plumbing sponsored the event.

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