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July 31, 2016 ~ This Week

This Week at the Market

Looking at life inside a beehive is pretty fascinating. Honey vendor, Tom & Carrie’s Place, will have an observation beehive so you can see the queen, worker bees and activities of a hive. With 19 years of experience, Tom and Carrie can answer questions and share some do’s and don’ts about bee keeping. Cooking tips and recipes using honey will also be available. Tom and Carrie produce their own honey, beeswax candles, and soap.

The Leafy Greens Band, a ukulele bearing, folk-rock duo will provide this weeks live entertainment.

If you are looking for ways to enjoy the market’s summer produce, roasting vegetables is a simple pleasure. Try sunflower oil from the Platteville Sunflower Oil vendor.  UW Platteville students and local businesses have worked together to grow, harvest and press sunflower seeds to create this healthy alternative to olive oil.

Simple Steps for Roasting Veggies

  1. Wash your vegetables and pat them dry. Cut into uniform pieces, or leave them whole if they’re small.
  2. Drizzle with oil. Sprinkle liberally with salt. Add herbs and spices in any combination you fancy. Stir, making sure to coat each piece.
  3. Place veggies into the oven on a parchment-lined pan. Roast somewhere between 400 and 450 degrees. Part way though cooking, flip your vegetables — or at least stir and shake.
  4. Vegetables are done when crispy on the outside and soft on the inside — they will easily give way to a knife or fork. Hardy root vegetables cut into 1 1/2 in cubes will take roughly 45 minutes at 400 degrees. Serve at any temperature you like; leftovers keep well in the fridge.


Join us August 7 – Annual Corn Boil

Mark your calendars for the second annual Corn Boil on Sunday, August 7 sponsored by the Ladies Home Improvement Society and Litchfield Plumbing. Complimentary fresh corn on the cob will be served until it runs out.

The Monona Farmers’ Market is looking to fill the Market Manager position for 2017. To apply, email your resume and cover letter outlining your qualifications to or mail to Monona Farmers’ Market, P.O. Box 6711, Monona, WI 53716. Application deadline is August 12, 2016. 


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