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June 3 ~ This Week

If you are hosting a graduation party or simply celebrating the end of school and beginning of summer, it’s important to have the right finger food on hand.  The Monona Farmers’ Market is the perfect place to find it.   Set out bowls of kettle corn and pitchers of fresh squeezed lemonade from Chippy’s, a plate of Wisconsin’s finest cheeses or the famous cheese curds from Farmer John’s, chips and salsas from the Salsa Man, cookies and pastries from Stella’s Bakery and already prepared sandwiches from Stalzy’s Deli.   Don’t forget the decorating!   The market is bursting with colorful spring flowers, cascading hanging baskets and spectacular container gardens.

Weekly live entertainment adds to the upbeat, community atmosphere of the market.  This Sunday, enjoy the music of composer and bassist, Uncivil Servants, a duo who play a mix of  pop and

In partnership with the City of Monona to improve storm water management and the water quality of the lakes, the Master Gardeners are offering tips on how to compost phosphorous-creating yard waste and leaves. Stop by to see their composting display and get information on how to compost and benefit the lakes. The Master Gardeners are at the market the first and third Sundays each month through September.

EBT is accepted. The Double Dollars Program begins this Sunday.  This is an incentive program for SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) and Foodshare users offering a dollar for dollar match for all EBT transactions up to $25.

The market is open from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm Sundays at Ahuska Park in Monona.


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marketmanager • May 28, 2018

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