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October 9 ~ This Week

This Week at the Market

If you are carving jack-o-lanterns or doing some fall decorating, the market has pumpkins and gourds in all shapes and sizes, squash and colorful mums. Don’t throw away the pumpkin seeds.  They make a healthy, easy to prepare snack that is rich in fiber and kids love them. Try this easy recipe.

Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

  • 1 ½ cups pumpkin seeds
  • 2 teaspoons melted butter, olive oil or vegetable oil
  • Salt
  • Other optional seasonings: garlic powder, cayenne pepper, seasoning salt or Cajun seasoning

Preheat oven to 300 degrees. Clean pumpkins seeds. It’s okay to leave some strings and pulp, but clean off major chunks. Toss pumpkin seeds in a bowl with the melted butter or oil and seasonings of your choice. Spread seeds in a single layer on a baking sheet. Bake for about 45 minutes, stirring occasionally until golden brown.

The Monona Farmers’ Market welcomes back 50% Folk. This four-piece band out of central Wisconsin dates back nearly fifty years. They reunited at a fortieth high school reunion and now enjoy singing and playing traditional music, an eclectic range of classic folk, country, bluegrass, blues and gospel. They mix strong vocals with acoustic instruments including washtub and electric bass.

If you are interested in promoting local, accessible foods, the Monona Farmers’ Market has volunteer openings. Talk to the Market Manager at the market, or contact Suzanne Wade,

The Monona Farmers’ Market is honored to be a candidate for the 2016 Best of Madison Awards.  You can show your support for the market by casting your vote online.


marketmanager • October 5, 2016

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