Monona Farmers' Market

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This Week ~ August 20th

There’s always something new to learn at the Monona Farmers’ Market.  Stop by the Master Gardeners’ booth to find out about jumping worms, an invasive species that

is harmful to the soil.  Jumping worms, also known as “crazy worms”, were first noticed in Dane County in 2013.  Jumping worms are a concern because they disrupt the layer of the soil called leaf litter that retains moisture, protects roots and prevents erosion. Where jumping worms are present, fallen leaves and topsoil are processed by the worms until the soil becomes granular, dry and looks similar to coffee grounds.  Besides sharing information about this invasive species, the Master Gardeners’ can actually show you a jumping worm.

If you check out the menu of a fine restaurant or the produce section of a specialty grocery store you are likely to see microgreens: tiny, delicate greens the add color texture, flavor and nutritional value to a variety of foods.  These young green plants also know as “vegetable confetti” are harvested with scissors less than a month after germination.  With the plentiful selection of fresh seasonal produce at the market, this is a perfect time to add microgreens to some of you favorite salads, soups or other recipes.  Stop by market vendor, Vitruvian Farms, to purchase and get menu ideas.

Enjoy the music of the Tenderlies, this week’s live entertainment.

EBT is accepted.  The Double Dollars Program is available.

The market, located at Ahuska Park, 400 East Broadway, is open every Sunday from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm through October 29th.