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Vendor Rules

Vendor Rules

Updated January, 2017

Monona Farmers’ Market goals are to provide good food to the Monona and East Madison area and to provide an outlet for locally grown produce. Rules are designed to help achieve those goals.

The Monona Farmers’ Market may add additional rules or modify these as needed.

  • Foods must be fresh and not from a wholesaler. Product does not need to be self-grown or from Wisconsin. If not grown by the vendor, a sign must indicate where it was grown. Specialized foods not indigenous to the area may be allowed on a case-by-case basis.
  • Owner or seller designee is expected to be at the booth. Seller designee needs to be knowledgeable about the product and/or processing regardless of whether the product was produced by the vendor or from another source (see a) above).
  • When vendors are approved to sell at the market they are approved with a specific product mix. If the product mix expands, the vendor will need approval of new items in advance of selling them.
  • Vendors selling processed foods need to follow all current State of Wisconsin rules and regulations. Not all ingredients need to be grown by the seller.
  • Vendors can sign up in advance for the entire season, or for early, mid or late season. Returning vendors will be given a preference for market participation and for keeping their previous location if they register by the deadline (see letter).
  • Vendor fee per single space is $10/week or $15/week for restaurants with the valid license needed for a portable or temporary food establishment. (See mobile food establishment policy.) For the convenience of the vendors, they may pay by week or for the entire year. When paid in full, the entire year fee is $220 for May 7 – Oct 29, 2017; fee includes 4 free weeks that will be used at the discretion of the Market Manager. Fees paid in advance are non-refundable. If vendors choose to pay weekly the fee is $10/week, for a total of $260.
  • Vendors earn 4 free weeks if paid in full at the beginning of the season. If you are paying weekly, you will not receive any free market days. The free days will be used during the market year for unexcused absences or other reasons at the discretion of the Market Manager. Vendors who still have free days in the bank at the end of the season will be able to use them towards the end of the market. Vendors who do not sell the entire season will make a fair arrangement with the Manager based on weeks at the market for a flat rate, or follow the above $10 per week arrangement for a single space.
  • Vendors are expected to make all efforts of notifying the Market Manager at least one week in advance of an absence. If a vendor fails to notify the Market Manager of an absence for 2 consecutive weeks, or 4 or more markets in non-consecutive weeks, the Steering Committee reserves the right to remove them from the market and assign their space to another vendor. When the Market Manager is notified of an absence in advance, the manager will then be able to call the next vendor on the waiting list with like products. Absences with a week’s advance notice will not result in the loss of a free week.
  • The Market Manager will keep a waiting list of vendors who are interested in participating or substituting in the market, should a regular vendor not be able to participate in a market for which they have registered.
  • The Market Manager will attempt to keep a variety of products at the market, and to balance the types of products that are being sold. This may result in someone lower on the waiting list being invited to the market to ensure product variability.
  • Vendor space is approximately one and one-half parking stalls wide (about 12 feet) and two parking stalls deep, to accommodate your vehicle or product. The Steering Committee reserves the right to make minor adjustments to vendor spaces, in consultation with vendors, during special events in order to accommodate the event set- up.
  • Vendor booths are to be well maintained. Each vendor is responsible for cleaning up his or her own booth area and disposing of organic matter. General trash can be placed in containers provided and will be picked up by the City of Monona.
  • Vendors are expected to arrive at the market by 8:45am and stay until 1:00pm unless their product sells out or they make prior arrangements with the Market Manager.
  • No live animal sales.
  • Quiet-running gas generators may be approved on a case-by-case basis. Electricity is available in some locations of the market, if needed should be stated on the application.
  • We reserve the right to select or refuse any vendors.
  • All authorized vendors participating in the MONONA FARMERS’ MARKET, INC. shall be individually and severally responsible to the MARKET for any loss, personal injury, deaths, and/or any other damage that may occur as a result of the vendor’s negligence or that of its servants, agents, and employees, and all vendors hereby agree to indemnify and save the MARKET harmless from any loss, cost, damages, and other expenses, including attorneys’ fees, suffered or incurred by the MARKET by reasons of the vendors’ negligence or that of its servants, agents and employees; provided that the vendors shall not be responsible nor required to indemnify the Market for negligence of the MARKET, its servants, agents or employees. No insurance is provided by the MONONA FARMERS’ MARKET, INC. to participants in the MARKET. Sellers are responsible for their own personal and business liability insurance. The Monona Farmers’ Market, Inc. encourages vendors to obtain private liability insurance and provide the Monona Farmers’ Market Inc. with a copy of that insurance policy. The Monona Farmers Market, Inc. does not carry liability insurance coverage for individual vendors.
  • Failure to meet any of these rules may result in your being asked to leave and not allowed back this season.

    Mobile Food Establishment Policy

    Mobile Food Establishments (as licensed and regulated by the WI Dept. of Public Health) wishing to sell at the Monona Farmers’ Market must adhere by the following rules:

  • All Mobile Food Establishment (MFE) vendors must have and provide copies in advance to the Market Manager of all the appropriate state licenses needed to legally vend in a mobile food establishment.
  • The fee for MFE vendors at the Monona Farmers’ Market will be $15/week.
  • There will be two spots per week for MFE vendors who have scheduled a date with the Market Manager in advance. These two spaces are in addition to the two spots for existing full season vendors.
  • The Market Manager will be responsible for keeping a rotating schedule of MFE vendors so that there are a different variety of options available, at the discretion of the Market Manager.
  • MFE vendors will be provided a stall and access to one outlet. All other chords, power options, equipment, and sanitary and safety tools shall be provided by the vendor.
  • Hot food vendors are expected to use ecologically friendly “to-go” products and to place a waste receptacle outside of their stall.


    Monona Farmers’ Market Music Policy

  • One act/group/entertainer will be allowed each week at the market.
  • The Market Committee may solicit specific acts for special events.
  • Performance dates must be scheduled with the Market Manager in advance.
  • Performers are expected to play for a minimum of two hours but are encouraged to be present for the entire 4 hours of the market.
  • The scheduled performer will receive $25 (for the first two performers, if more than 2 performers, $10 additional will be added for each performer, not to exceed $50) from the Monona Farmers’ Market. The performers will be allowed to put out a container to collect donations.

     Ex. 2 performers will receive $25; 3 performers will receive $35; 4 performers will receive $45; 5 performers will receive $50; 6 performers will receive $50; etc.

  • The Market Manager will include performers who scheduled in advance on all media releases.
  • Performers will be given access to one power outlet and an extension cord. All other equipment must be provided by the entertainer.
  • The Market Manager reserves the right to alter the sound levels as they see fit.
  • Submitting an application does not guarantee a place at the Market, selection of acts is dependent on approval by the Steering Committee.